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2023 Page Spring Seminar


Influence at Work: New Rules to Reach and Persuade Those Who Matter Most

Our profession deals in the currency of influence, shaping the narratives that build the reputations of our organizations and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. Influence is both our work and at work upon us. But the dynamics of influence are changing while the work we do reflects humanity’s unique ability to collaborate and coordinate our efforts for generations beyond our own. 

This moment offers us the unique opportunity to reevaluate influence and redefine the rules for whether or not and how to apply this collective superpower in ways that enrich more lives, make us more human, and serve our stakeholders well for the long haul. Join your peers — powerfully influential in their own right — this spring in Brooklyn, New York where we’ll learn from one another in a highly interactive refresh of the Page Spring Seminar.

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